Jobs for International Students in Canada 2021/2022

By | January 12, 2022

Jobs for International Students in Canada

Working a part-time job while in college or university is a terrific opportunity to not only boost your CV but also to meet new people and (most importantly) make some additional money! In this post, we will be highlighting some jobs for international students in Canada.

In recent times Canada is gradually picking up to be one of the countries with the best educational system in the world. But as you may know, studying in Canada can be a bit financially challenging. Thus you may need to combine work and study.

Read on for some of the top jobs for international students in Canada 2021

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Can I Work As An International Student In Canada?

Yes! As an international student in Canada, you can get a student work permit through your student visa. You will be able to work in Canada after you begin your education. On the other hand, international students are not permitted to work in Canada prior to the start of their degrees. International students can work up to 20 hours per week while studying and 40 hours per week when on vacation.

However, International students may work off-campus without a work permit under the following circumstances:

  •  if they are enrolled in a post-secondary academic, vocational, or professional training program
  • if they are enrolled in a secondary-level vocational training program (Quebec only).
  • Their program of study must last at least six (6) months and lead to a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  • They must have a Social Security Number (SIN).

International students enrolled in part-time studies, on the other hand, can work off-campus provided they satisfy all of the qualifications mentioned above, are in the last semester of their degree, and do not require a full course load to finish their program.

Is It Easy to Find Jobs for International Students in Canada?

Without a doubt. Canada is one of the most sought-after study destinations in the world for international students. The reason for this is that Canada provides overseas students with high-quality education, safety, and well-paying jobs.

Surprisingly, Canada allows overseas students to work while they are studying. These students can get employment with the help of their work permits. Their student visas allow students to apply for and obtain a work permit.

Jobs for International Students in Canada 2021 /2022

Below are several jobs for international students in Canada.

1. Mailroom Attendant Job (Average Annual Salary: $27,078)

Almost every college dorm has a mailroom where students may receive letters and parcels. Working in the mailroom is an excellent opportunity to meet new people in your dorm. Working in another housing is a great chance to meet colleagues you would not have met otherwise.

Because there is usually some downtime when working in the mailroom, you may be able to get some reading or assignments done while generating money.

2. Library Attendant Jobs (Average Annual Salary: $43,524)

Working as a library attendant may be a great career for you, especially if you spend a lot of time in the library. It will need you to stand for a whole eight-hour shift in complete stillness.

However, Library attendants are typically responsible for maintaining a work-friendly environment, such as ensuring that students are not chatting loudly or being disruptive with food or beverages. Furthermore, most library attendants are able to complete their own schoolwork while being paid to supervise the library.

3. Teaching Assistant Jobs (Average Salary: $26.42 Per Hour)

You can get the finest positions as a teaching assistant if you are qualified and proficient in English and French.

Most schools and universities employ undergraduate or graduate students as teaching assistants in subjects as diverse as journalism, mathematics, physics, and biology.

4. Web Developer Jobs (Average Salary: $62,522)

These might be both on and off-campus jobs. Web developers are code masters who create everything from computer programs to phone apps. If you have computer and web development skills, this job is ideal for you.

It will not only provide you with the opportunity to earn money, but because you can choose your working hours, you will also have enough time to study.

5. Bartender Jobs (Annual Salary: $28,236)

You should consider working as a bartender if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a campus café, are pleasant and enjoy meeting new people. Not only will you receive your daily coffee fix for free, but what a creative way to save money, especially if you spend $5 a day on a latte—you’ll also get to know the “café” regulars and meet new people.

Furthermore, the skills you’ll gain as a bartender, such as chatting to people, creating espresso drinks, working as a cashier, and counting change, are easily transferable to other café and restaurant occupations you might wish to pursue after graduation for additional money.

6. Driver Jobs (Average Salary: $44,836)

This is a side job that you can pursue on your own time and utilize to supplement your normal income.

Commercial drivers of all types, from long-haul truck drivers to forklift operators, are in high demand in Canada. You should have no trouble finding work if you have the necessary licenses.

7. Receptionist Jobs (Average Salary: $31,304)

Receptionists are in high demand since they are the first face clients see when they enter a business, making their work critical. This profession necessitates customer service and technical abilities. All of these are talents that will be useful to you after graduation.

8. Merchandiser Jobs (Average Salary: $48,610)

Merchandisers work for retail establishments, determining which new merchandise to bring in and how to show it on the shop floor.

Retail stores are often searching for new employees; you may choose one with a flexible work schedule that allows you to focus on your studies.

9. Heavy-Duty Mechanic Jobs (Average Salary: $70,000)

Heavy-duty mechanics are involved in the maintenance and repair of heavy machinery. Energy and industry are important sectors in Canada’s economy.


In this post, we have highlighted some of the top jobs for international students in Canada. Note that being active in student organizations and groups, participating in volunteer programs, seminars, contests, etc., are good ways to network, which will inherently increase your chances of getting a good job.

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