McMaster University – Ranking, Tuition and Scholarship

By | January 15, 2022

Discover McMaster University – Ranking, Tuition and Scholarship


McMaster University was established in the year 1887 by Senator William McMaster in Toronto. It later shifted its main campus to Hamilton, Ontario, in the year 1930.

Meanwhile, it is a research-oriented university with a focus on doctoral studies in medicine.

The university is famous for creating and developing “The McMaster model,” which is a problem-based approach to learning that has been universally found to be very effective.

However, many international students, coming from 120 countries across the world, now study in McMaster and call Hamilton home. Currently, the total population of students in the university is around 33,147. 28,290 of these are undergraduate students, while 4,857 are graduate students.

As of fall 2018, international students made up about 27% of the students in the graduate program.


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General Information About McMaster University

There are four regional campuses of McMaster University, namely, downtown Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Burlington.

The main campus of McMaster University is located in the West Dale neighborhood of Hamilton, Ontario. McMaster University offers Arts & Science Programs, and students of all disciplines would find suitable courses for their careers.

However, there are six departments/faculties, namely; the faculties of Health Sciences, Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Engineering and the DeGroote School of Business. Over 70 research institutes are found in the school.

Furthermore, there are 1,011 faculty members, out of which 97% of members hold doctoral degrees. In addition, various cabinet ministers, scientists, Hollywood actors, Nobel Laureates have studied at McMaster and comprises over 195,000 alumni from 162.

Research Info source named McMaster University as the most research-intensive university in Canada in the year 2019.

The university has been awarded for its research in many fields.
There are over 300 organizations and clubs formed by students covering areas of academics, sports, and social issues.

Each faculty in the university has its own student representative body. Since 1929, The Silhouette, a student-run newspaper, has been in publication on the campus.
Student residences in McMaster University can accommodate around 3,685 students.

The Inter-Residence Council (IRC) represents the students living on the campus. The purpose of the IRC is to create a sense of unity within the community.

Student life is very active in the university, and it has a number of organizations run by students, including The Silhouette and McMaster Students Union, which is run by the McMaster Student Centre.

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McMaster University Ranking

The latest rankings of universities worldwide place McMaster University near the top. It is regularly ranked 4th in the list of best medical-doctoral universities in Canada, while most of its international rankings place it higher than 200, some ranking it as high as 69 (for context, there are over 25,000 universities in the world. Hence McMaster is certainly amongst the top one percent.)

Here are other rankings that McMaster University has achieved overall

#183 in the New edition of the Scimago Institutions Rankings (18 March. 2021)

#134 in UniRank 4icu – World Ranking Update. (30 January 2021)

#109 in the Publication of UniRank 4icu, Top English-speaking Universities in the world. (30 January 2021)

#8 in Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities. (8 December 2020)

#69 in The World University Rankings, Times Higher Education (24 August 2020)

#4 in the Medical Doctoral Universities, MacLeans University Rankings (8 October 2020)

Courses and subjects at McMaster University have also been individually rated very high, and these are samples of the ranking they have achieved in Canada and worldwide.

  • Agriculture: Ranking by Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers places McMaster at #12 in Canada and #253 worldwide.(01 January 2021)
  • Business and Finance: QS Top MBA Ranking by Specialization places McMaster at #7 in Canada and #51 worldwide for Finance. (01 January 2021)
  • Computer Science: QS World University Rankings by subject places McMaster at #5 in Canada and #47 worldwide.
  • Engineering: University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) places McMaster’s Chemical Engineering at #7 in Canada and #235 worldwide. Civil Engineering is ranked #2 in Canada and #33 in the world by Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), Shanghai Ranking. In other rankings of McMaster by various researches, Electrical Engineering ranked #11 in Canada and #223 worldwide, while Mechanical Engineering was placed at #6 in Canada and #201 worldwide.

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McMaster University Tuition

Canada is known to be generally supportive of education. Hence McMaster University has some of the most pocket-friendly tuition for the quality it offers. You would be able to estimate the costs of your tuition, as well as other payments and fees at Here.

These are aspects of tuition payment in McMaster that you need to know about as you consider your program and application.

Undergraduate Fees

Tuition for Undergraduate courses is charged by course units. Typical courses are about 3 units, but some courses may be higher.

However, a typical full course load is 5 courses in both the fall and the winter terms equalling about 15 units per term, or 30 units per year.

Most courses cost about $270 per unit. There are, of course, other payments made by undergraduate students, such as accommodation and registration fees.

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Graduate Fees

A graduate student must enroll in at least one course in all three terms in order to be fully enrolled and for fees to charge; otherwise, the assessment would be incomplete.

Complete details of regulations on fee assessments can be found under the Financial Matters for the Graduate Calendar.

The fees for graduate studies are quite variable, but it should be noted that post-degree fees are normally $1,051 except for cases where the program has a higher tuition rate as defined.


Students aiming to study at McMaster University both at the undergraduate and the graduate level have been availed a variety of scholarships that can take care of their tuition and other needs.

Some of the scholarships available include the Alan Nolet Physiotherapy Academic Grant, the Dr. Susan E. French Nursing Bursary, the Eileen Mary Grace Bursary, the Manske-Maclean Bursary in Chemistry, the Rainbow Fund, the Appleton Slavin Academic grant in Social Work, and the McMaster
visit the school’s website to learn more about how to qualify and apply for the various scholarships and bursaries offered to both Canadians/permanent residents and international students

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