Students Jobs that Pay 25 Dollars or More Per hour : Top Jobs In Canada For Americans

By | March 17, 2022
Jobs that Pay 25 Dollars or More an Hour

Students Jobs that Pay 25 Dollars or More an Hour

Whether you are looking to start a new career or want extra cash to support you in your current career, landing a good-paying job is always a delight. There is no feeling that can match that of knowing that your wages can take care of your needs. In the US, the federal minimum wage is stuck at $7.25 an hour, while that of Canada is currently at $14.25. In other parts of the world, people working minimum wage jobs earn a much lower dollar equivalent. And it is called minimum wage because it is supposed to meet only the minimum of your needs.

Many would love to earn more, thus this post on jobs that pay 25 dollars an hour is a must read.

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1. Event Planning

This easily made it to our list of jobs that pay 25 dollars an hour. This Event planning is one skill that, if you acquire, you can easily land jobs that pay $25 an hour. It is a very lucrative field, one where your wages are likely to increase, and this is the reason many people who work in it earn $25 or more an hour. With every event you plan that goes successfully, you get referrals to other jobs to earn you and your team more. You can either launch a career as an entrepreneurial event planner, or you could join an event planning company.

2. Firefighting

Firefighting is crucial work for every community, and there is always a demand for more firefighters. It is, however, a work that requires physical strength, and you would have to go through strenuous physical training to get in shape for it. It is, however, reported to have an average wage of $25 an hour.

As a firefighter, you would be concerned with the prevention, mitigation, and extinguishing of fires. It is work that demands constant alertness and quick reflexes. And you would rescue a fair share of cats stuck in trees if you work in the suburbs.

3. Real Estate Agent:

There are always people looking to change their accommodation. A real estate agent active in any city would always be able to find work and regularly earn $25 an hour. People looking to change accommodation are usually very specific in their requirements, and they are sometimes willing to pay extra for someone who finds them the house or apartment of their dreams. Hence, there are many real estate jobs that pay $25 an hour or even more.

4. Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilots fly planes for many reasons, not just to carry passengers. Some do so for aerial photography, rescue operations, and other reasons.

With just a high school diploma, you can get the training to become a pilot that earns more than $25 an hour. You can earn higher with an undergraduate degree. The average wages are between $20 and $50 an hour.

5. Painting

Painting is a very important job in any location. Walls get old or are infected by mold or get damp and damaged due to water. These can be solved by adding a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes, stains or unwanted graffiti need covering, and painting works here too. There is an endless demand for painters, so this is a skill that if you acquire, you would be able to earn $25 an hour regularly. It is also one area where your expertise speaks for you, and you can easily get referrals.

6. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

No matter what you have seen Homer Simpsons do at his job, being a Nuclear Power Reactor Operator is a delicate job that requires training and practice. Although you can get started with just a high school diploma, many employers prefer candidates with experience or training.

As a nuclear power plant operator, you would monitor various parts of the plant, such as the turbines, the cooling systems, and pumps, and you would report figures or adjust the controls as necessary. This all requires initial training, and if you don’t have this, you would have to go through it in the first months of your job.

Nuclear power reactor operators earn an average of $37.68 per hour. That is certainly more than $25.

7. Clinical Laboratory Technician

Forensic science is an exciting field, like really exciting. There is a reason there are so many shows on TV about solving crimes, and many of them involve Forensic science of some kind.

Forensic science happens in the laboratory, and you would have to handle yucky bodily fluids from other people. However, there are hundreds of thousands of these jobs currently available, and they all pay above $25 an hour. They require some knowledge of chemistry and training in a laboratory.

8. Teaching

The wages of teachers vary from place to place, but reports that the average teacher earns $28 an hour. If you are certain that you would enjoy teaching, you can begin to acquire the skills and training to ensure that you succeed at the job. It requires passion and devotion, as each student is unique. Therefore each set of students is unique. You could specialize in a particular subject for high school or focus on primary education. There are other advanced areas in teaching too that pay higher wages.

9. Medical Equipment Repairing

As the name suggests, this job entails repairing medical equipment. It requires thorough knowledge of these types of equipment. You would have to know all their operating capabilities and brands. You might need to study the blueprint of these types of equipment or revise the manual of each piece of equipment you have to repair.

Most medical equipment repairpersons earn more than $25 per hour for their work. They are also not just in high demand but in crucial demand because malfunctioning medical equipment means loss of lives. Hence, when their services are required, they are well paid.

10. Food Service Management

Food is always in demand by people because . . .well, it is food; we need it to survive. There are many services one can offer in providing food to others, other than being a chef or a waiter in a restaurant. There are mobile food carts and catering services at weddings. If you learn to cook, preserve, transport, or manage food, there are many ways to set up or work in an enterprise that pays an average of $25 an hour.

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Top Jobs In Canada For Americans


In this piece, we will be looking at some top jobs in Canada for Americans. If you are an American moving to Canada, there are lots of things you will have to get used to, apart from maple syrup. There is the culture, the accent, the fact that part of the country speaks French, and the very hostile geese. And of course, you would have to get jobs. Even though they have lots of good social programs, the best way to sustain yourself here is to get a good job.

Since the pandemic, Americans with certain skill sets may find their services more in demand within Canada than in their home country. It is important to understand that the pandemic has also affected Canada’s labor market, as well as all aspects of its economy.

To ensure that you get hired in a well-paying job, we have published a list of Top jobs in Canada for Americans which attract higher wages and would make an easy transition for Americans.

1.   Software Programmer

This makes our list for top jobs in Canada for Americans. The software industry in Canada is expanding with the development of new games and applications across all platforms. There is also graphics and web designing, which is an active sector in Canada’s economy. It has been forecast that there will have over 64,000 jobs available in the software over the coming decade. Canadian cities all have very active technology hubs where software programming is in demand.

The jobs that fall under this category include Web Programmer, Interactive Media Developer, Computer Programmer, and E-business Software Developer. These jobs all pay above $82,000 annually on average and require only a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related field.

2. Electrical Engineer

There has been a surge in the use of electronics due to the pandemic – of course, by “use of electronics,” we mean mostly online shopping. This has led to increased use of computers and mobile gadgets, but it has also opened up a new and interesting field of electronic engineering: avionics. Drones are used very often to deliver packages these days, to shoot aerial footage, as well as many other applications of this emerging technology. And these drones are quite fragile and often in need of repair. There were 172 jobs in electrical engineering available last April.

So, Avionics Engineers, along with Control Systems Engineers and Electrical Distribution Planning Engineers, are some of the job positions currently available in Canada to electrical engineers. The certification required is a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a licensing given by a provincial or territorial body of professional electrical engineers. The average salary is $51,129 to $130,708.

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3. Truck Driver

Does the idea of being a truck driver in Canada sounds weird to you? Well, it shouldn’t because it made it to our list of top jobs in Canada for Americans. There were 119,900 trucking jobs available in Canada last year, yet only 96,600 people were found to fill them. Do you have the skills and endurance needed to work as a truck driver? Then you should consider taking up this job in Canada. It pays quite well, and truckers earn between $29,737 and $65,617. The government has made forecasts of a surge in demand for truck drivers, as it is one of the necessary services needed to sustain the Canadian economy in the pandemic.

Of course, you should be experienced in Truck Driving as an American to excel at Canadian truck driving. And expect more snow in winter, especially if you’re coming from the American south.

You can find truck driving jobs under the titles such as Transport Driver, Truck Driver, Tow Truck Driver, and Moving Van Driver. To get the job, you need to have completed an accredited driving course, class 3 or 1 license, and an air brake endorsement. Possibly, a Transport of Dangerous Goods certification may be required.


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4. Project Manager

Non-technical Project Management is a job that is currently in demand in Canada. The government forecast says there will be 91,800 jobs in this field in the coming decade. It is a job that involves working with a lot of different people to achieve a given project within a timeframe, usually in an office but with participants from outside. It, therefore, involves being quite good at interacting with people and building teamwork, so Americans who take this job would have to get well acquainted with Canadian culture.

The net pay for Project Managers is between $33,150 and $75,406 per year. You would require a certificate of university or college education with some experience in office administration. The jobs fall under such titles as Office Manager or Administrator, Access to Information and Privacy Officer, Co-ordinator, Office services, and others.

5. Registered Nurse

We are quite certain that your are not surprise that this career path made it to our top jobs in Canada for Americans. It is common knowledge that the demand for nurses has been quite high since the pandemic, and it is important that hospitals remain fully staffed as new variants of the coronavirus continue to emerge, as it seems. Canada takes healthcare quite seriously and ensures that its hospitals are well equipped and staffed; hence there is always a demand for nurses. There has actually been an acute shortage of nurses, and it is projected that 36,500 nursing jobs will open in Canada over the next decade.

To qualify to be employed as a registered nurse in Canada, you would need certificates of education from a university, college, or other approved registered nursing program. You may need additional specialized training and experience to work in specific areas of nursing, and you would need to register with a regulatory in all districts and provinces. Nurses in Canada earn between $46,878 and $93,600 a year.

6. Welder

There are lots of construction jobs currently underway in Canada, and welding is an important aspect of construction. Welding jobs pay quite well in Canada, and Americans who want to be gainfully employed for a long time can acquire this skill to easily find a job. The current salary per annum for welders is between $35,100 and $78,000.

To land a job as a welder in Canada, you need to show a certificate of a three-month apprenticeship program, industry courses, trade certification, and Red Seal endorsement. You would find welding jobs under titles such as Journeyman/woman welder, Welder Apprentice, Brazing Machine operator, and Soldering Machine Operator. There were 876 jobs available for welders in Canada last April.


Some other jobs that didn’t make it to our list of Top jobs in Canada for Americans include Human Resources Manager, Sales Associate, and Customer service representative. Please find out as much as you can before heading North, and all the best in your new job in that wonderful country.


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Pros and Cons of Living in Scotland


In this post, we will be looking at some of the pros and cons of living in Scotland. Scotland is one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom. It is found on the northern part of Great Britain Island, covering one-third of it. Scotland is one of the three countries in Great Britain, the other two being England and Wales. It is a country with fascinating geography, famous for its highlands and lowlands. English is spoken well there, but the native language is known as Scots.

Would you like to live in Scotland? Then this post on the pros and cons of living in Scotland will prove to be quite educative. There are good reasons to live anywhere, and Scotland has its fair share. Everyone has preferences, however, so here is a list of what we consider to be the pros and cons of living in Scotland.

  •   Pro – Vibrant Culture: Scotland has a rich and exciting history with its southern neighbor, England. Ireland and Wales, the other countries in the Isles, were also involved. Wars were fought, Kings and Dukes claimed land and other stuff for themselves, Princesses were married, and some became queens. It is a rich history that is well documented. There is a rich culture that stems from this history, and if you’re nerdy or just love learning stuff, you would find a lot to be fascinated by. Their rich culture shows in some rather well known by some emblems such as their bagpipes, and the skirt-like garment which the men playing the bagpipes often wear, which is called kilts.
  •  Con – Culture Shock: Countries with vibrant cultures also takes a lot of adaptation. If you’re coming from outside Britain especially, you would have a lot to adjust to, from driving on the left, to their markets, to their transport systems. You would just have to patiently learn for a while; then, you’re good to go. There is also the accent, which might be difficult to work with for a while – remember that the native language is Scots, not English.
  • Pro – Great Amenities and Services: Scotland is a well-developed country, and it would be easy and cheap to live a comfortable life there. First of all, healthcare is free, and even as an immigrant, you can quickly get insurance to cover your healthcare needs, including eye care.

Then there are free colleges for students, and it is easy to find a job or begin training in whatever occupation you seek. There are great mobile plans and internet services, and bank services are also cheap.

Edinburgh and Glasgow are the two most populous cities in Scotland, and they are well developed with lots of cultural attractions, such as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

  •  Con – Higher Taxes: All the great amenities and services that Scotland provides are funded and maintained by taxes you pay to the government. It is just the way they handle their economy, and it is important to bear that in mind as you move there. There is also more government spending to do, as they are quite committed to moving into renewable energy, so do not expect the taxes to drop. That moves us to our next Pro about Scotland
  •  Pro – Renewable Energy: Scotland is one of the countries leading in the development of renewable energy technology. They have very large wind farms and currently and met 97.4% of their electricity needs last year from renewable energy sources. This is good news to those who care about climate change and our future.
  • Con – Higher Taxes: We have already mentioned the con to this transition, but it is worth it. Also, get used to electric cars, or plan to buy them, as government regulations and the COP26 agreement, which Scotland is a part of, aim to replace CO2 emitting cars with electric ones.
  • Pro – Beautiful Scenery and Wildlife: Scotland has a lot of scenic views, both natural and urban. For people who love to hike or just love the great outdoors, you would get a lot of picture-worthy scenery. As we mentioned earlier, Scotland has such fascinating geography, with the highlands to the North, the Lowlands in the central plain, and the Southern Uplands. These places all have wonderful scenic views, and you can find a lot of interesting wildlife there. Nature lovers find a lot of nature to love in Scotland. You may encounter moose, which they call elks, other deer, and other forms of wildlife.
  • Con – Weather: There is no con to having beautiful scenery and wildlife, so we are just going to counter that by reminding you that dealing with Scotland’s weather is a handful. There are months of constant rain, and the winters are quite severe. Depending on where you live, you may not quite enjoy Scotland’s weather, especially if you’re coming from warmer places.
  • Pro – Vibrant Urban Life: Edinburgh and Glasgow are very lively cities filled with various bars, museums, galleries, stadiums, theatres, and nightclubs. There are lots of shows, music festivals, and sporting events that happen in these cities and in other places in Scotland. If you’re the outdoorsy type and can make friends, you’re bound to find lots of events to have fun in Scotland.
  • Con – Expensive Items: Some things you buy in the cities of Scotland could be bought cheaper elsewhere. The prices of items may vary from what you can find in London and other cities. Washing machines, reportedly, are hard to come by cheap in Scotland.
  • Pro – University Education: Are you a student looking to continue your studies in any field, and you want a conducive learning environment, as well as low tuition? Scotland is one place to consider. Free tuition is provided for a lot of students, and the courses are well taught. You would also find accommodation, transport, and other aspects of adjusting to life as a student in Scotland quite easy
  • Con – No Screen on Windows: Many houses in Scotland do not have screens on their windows. Is that a dealbreaker for you? To be honest, we’ve rather run out of cons to say about living in Scotland. It is a wonderful country, and you would enjoy your time there, no matter how long you choose to stay.

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